How to get Girls next door makeup look



The girl-next-door look is natural and pretty. No need for heavy over-the-top makeup. Cosmopolitan shared some beauty tips to help you score the look, like famous girl-next-door types Jennifer Lawrence and Katie Holmes.

1. A fresh face is hallmark of the girl-next-door look. Stick to a daily cleansing and moisturizing ritual and make it a point to always wash your face before going to bed. Use an exfoliator for a deeper scrub and treat yourself to a facial when you can.

2. No one likes chapped lips. Slough away dry skin to keep your lips smooth. Then a clear lip balm or a very light tinted gloss is all you need.

3. Save the heavy eye makeup for the party girls. Instead, use a skinny tip eyeliner to highlight your eyes and subtly make your lashes look fuller. Go light with the mascara to lengthen, not thicken, your lashes. Remember, less is more for the girl next door!

4.Keep your fingernails short and trim. Remove hangnails and moisturize cuticles. Nail polish should be clear or a neutral shade.

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