Simple steps for golden eye makeup



Start with your regular concealer and foundation application.

Step 1. Apply a medium brown eye shadow all over the lid with a proper eye shadow brush.

Step 2. Use the same shadow underneath the lash line with the same brush.

Step 3. Wet the brush first to pick up more pigment. We used a Evian spritz bottle (2 sprays) and MAC Amber Lights Eye shadow on inner corner’s and extend to centre of lid and under eye using an angled eye shadow brush.

Step 4 and 5. Starting from centre of lid and moving outward, apply a shimmery beige shadow outward on the lid and under the eye.

Step 6. Wet a stiff, angled brush and draw a wing with M.A.C. Eye shadow in Amber Lights in one swoop from outer corner of eye toward the temple.

Step 7. Finally, line your top lash line with black gel eyeliner and a thin eyeliner brush, like M.A.C. #209 Eyeliner Brush.

Step 8. Finish your look with a neutral lip and a coral cheek.

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