How to get top heavy lips



Majority of Indian women have top heavy lips. Effective makeup tips and tricks can easily make top heavy lips appear even and beautiful.

Makeup for top heavy lips is simple:

1.Start by lining your lips from the center of your lips to the outside by following your natural lip shape.

2.Then, apply a bright lipstick on the bottom of your lips and a slightly darker tone of the brighter lipstick on the top to create an illusion of smaller space to give a smaller lip look.

3.You can also apply the same lip color on the upper as well as lower lips and then apply a dab of white pencil or eyeshadow to the center of the lower lip to achieve balance, evenness and fuller look.

4.Another trick to follow to make heavy lips appear smaller is to use a lip pencil and start filling your lips just inside the natural line and then finish it off with lipstick.

5.The simplest trick to make fuller and heavy lips appear smaller is to use a dark toned lip color as it will reduce the prominence of fuller lips

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